Heli-taxi from Helipads in Switzerland


Helicopter taxi in Switzerland is a convenient, efficient and prestigious service. Suitable for customers who value safety, comfort and time. Simplicity in organizing flights and speed of order fulfillment will allow you to avoid the stress inherent in standard car trips, focus on a business meeting or family matters. You can order a helicopter from Switzerland in a few minutes by phone or online on the company's website. You can make a payment in different ways. The service is provided at the highest level. Travel time is reduced from 2-3 hours to 10-30 minutes. Traveling by helicopter has many advantages: no traffic jams, time savings, comfort on board, high-quality pre-flight service, and a guarantee of safety. There are many routes available to customers. A taxi will take you to your destination in absolute comfort. During flights, you can get a lot of impressions from the beautiful landscapes seen from the height. And most importantly - a loyal price of the service (the cost depends on the model of air transport and flight range). Not only very wealthy citizens, but also people with average incomes can take advantage of high-class service. Customers will be served by a professional flight crew.


Helicopter tours in Switzerland are a worthy alternative to group or private bus tours. The service has gained great popularity among tourists vacationing in Swiss resorts. You can get to any place, while viewing the delightful beauties of this country. The flight will save time and give you an incredible experience. Customers can admire the architecture, mountains, glaciers, lakes from a bird's eye view. During the flight, you can learn many interesting facts about the country. Today, this exclusive type of recreation is available to many tourists. Renting a helicopter is inexpensive, but at the same time it allows you to see what is hidden from the eyes of thousands of tourists. You can not only enjoy the beauty of the Alpine mountains or take a panoramic view of medieval castles, but also organize a picnic or buffet at an altitude of more than 2000 meters above sea level. Tourist helicopter flights are a special kind of pleasure.