Heli-taxi in Verona at Best Price

  • Robinson R66, Eurocopter AS365
    • 5
    • 650 km
  • Airbus Helicopters H125-H130
    • 7
    • 630 km
  • Airbus Helicopters H155
    • 8
    • 780 km
  • Agusta AW189, Eurocopter AS332
    • 15
    • 907 km

Verona Helicopter Transfers and Private Panoramic Tours

 Take a flight around the living heart of ancient Italy. The company's specialists guarantee you a great pastime, amazing experiences and unforgettable views. In addition to this direction, you can choose other routes to the remote corners of the northern part of Italy, which could only be reached with the help of this rotorcraft. Currently, more and more people are ready to agree that a helicopter is the most convenient and optimal form factor of all currently existing modes of transport, especially in mountainous and foothill areas. “Come with us on a flight to forever reconsider your views on the existence of roads on earth in principle. They are not needed - instead of asphalt, we could lay out many beautiful flowering gardens, build new beautiful houses, and make our Italy even more beautiful. airline pilots joke. Helicopter rental in Verona is an excellent round-the-clock service for new types of entertainment, excursions, travel, or for a spectacular appearance right from the sky in front of the guests at the event. You can even just ride your loved one on a real helicopter in space and time.

Verona Helicopter Tour and Heli Taxi Booking

140 Helicopters Available for Booking

Reliable air taxi service in Verona. Hire a helicopter with certified pilot and get a special offer for return flight.

Best Price in Verona for Helicopter Ride

Book your heli-tour at a lowest price. Our online rates are always cheaper. Save up to 40% with early booking.

Executive transfer to/from Helipad

You can also book a private transfer on premium car or minivan to get to helipad, airport or hotel in Verona.

Getting from helipad in Verona to airport, ski resort or other destination on helicopter

We offer you to use the services of a 24-hour service for booking a helicopter taxi in Verona for any private, business purposes, for express transfer between airports, etc. Complex organization of corporate flights. Economy, standard and business classes. The fleet always has a large selection of the latest models of helicopters available for rent 24/7, ready to take you anywhere. The company employs only experienced pilots who speak several foreign languages. They will comfortably take you to any, even the most inaccessible places, to which you only wish to get. From the moment the order is received to the full readiness for departure, it will take only about 3-4 hours. If you want to have fun or have a cognitive rest, then take the opportunity to book helicopter tours in Verona with a professional guide.This is not only unusual and exciting, but also relatively inexpensive - today, helicopter flights have become much more accessible than is commonly believed. The cost of the order will depend on the comfort class, the number of passengers, the remoteness of the destination, or the complexity of the task. The airline has transported tens of thousands of passengers over the entire period of the service's operation. All of them were satisfied with their choice - from a bird's eye view, you can fall in love with the beauty of Italy again and again. To order a helicopter from Verona and take advantage of the offers of the air services, you can contact the managers at any time and in any way. The airline has a sensitive and individual approach to each of the customers. You will certainly be welcomed and, if any difficulties arise, they will always be happy to meet you halfway. In addition, to resolve issues in special cases and under unforeseen circumstances, you can always contact the head of the company. One of the main tasks of the air transportation service is to create the most comfortable and safe flight conditions for each client. In any case, they will find the best for you, of all possible solutions, they will select the most convenient and profitable option.