Heli-taxi in Venice at Best Price

  • Robinson R66, Eurocopter AS365
    • 5
    • 650 km
  • Airbus Helicopters H125-H130
    • 7
    • 630 km
  • Airbus Helicopters H155
    • 8
    • 780 km
  • Agusta AW189, Eurocopter AS332
    • 15
    • 907 km

Popular destinations

Arrival address
Val Gardena
2900 €
Dolomite Alps
2850 €
5300 €
6800 €
Lake Como
6950 €

Venice Helicopter Transfers and Private Panoramic Tours

If you have already traveled the planet by plane, car, train or cruise ship, then it is time to experience an unusual modern means of transport. Currently, renting a helicopter is the most comfortable and fastest way to travel around Italy. A helicopter taxi in Venice will allow you to see a large number of iconic places in the country in a short period of time. Helicopter taxi flight over the lagoon and the stylish urban beauties of Venice will leave every traveler with an unforgettable experience. Magnificent architecture, islands and canals will be within sight. You will see shallows, islands, a city that is riddled with canal streets, farms where exotic mussels are grown.

Venice - helicopter tours and heli-taxi booking

140 Helicopters Available for Booking

Reliable air taxi service in Venice. Hire a helicopter with certified pilot and get a special offer for return flight.

Best Price in Venice for Helicopter Ride

Book your heli-tour at a lowest price. Our online rates are always cheaper. Save up to 40% with early booking.

Executive transfer to/from Helipad

You can also book a private transfer on premium car or minivan to get to helipad, airport or hotel in Venice.

Getting from helipad in Venice to airport, ski resort or other destination on helicopter

You will be amazed by the unique cultural attractions and sweet romance in the endless expanses of water. In a short time you will be able to enjoy picturesque panoramas, admire panoramic views of the islands of Murano, Certosa, Giudecca, San Marco Bay, Arsenal. A lagoon with an amazing play of light on a water mirror surface will seem like a fairy tale. Thanks to the convenient possibility of renting a personal helicopter, everyone can afford to enjoy unity with nature and silence. Helicopter tours in Venice are an unusual opportunity to celebrate an important event, whether it's a honeymoon trip, a bachelorette party or a birthday. Each historic helicopter trip is the perfect combination of high comfort, unforgettable experience and complete safety. Do not deny yourself a pleasant pleasure. Anyone can order a helicopter from Venice. All flights are carried out in strict accordance with the current aviation regulations, in permitted areas around the city. For transportation, safe, comfortable helicopters are involved, which belong to the light classes. They are designed for speeds within 250 km / h, have a take-off weight of up to 4600 kg. Capacity varies by model. Only certified pilots who have experience in accident-free operation and high flight hours are allowed to fly aircraft.