Heli-taxi in Lyon at Best Price

  • Robinson R66, Eurocopter AS365
    • 5
    • 650 km
  • Airbus Helicopters H125-H130
    • 7
    • 630 km
  • Airbus Helicopters H155
    • 8
    • 780 km
  • Agusta AW189, Eurocopter AS332
    • 15
    • 907 km

Lyon Helicopter Transfers and Private Panoramic Tours

We suggest booking a helicopter taxi in Lyon for an excursion (this is where the Saone river flows into the Rhone). The former capital of Gaul was once the center of silk production and book printing. To make such an air travel is an indescribable pleasure. Taking off is breathtaking, but you will quickly get used to the altitude. Panoramas of France always look amazing when viewed from above. The confident control of an experienced pilot makes passengers feel safe. Booking a helicopter from Lyon is a good idea for clients who appreciate the possibilities of maneuverable and mobile transport. In this case, it is possible to avoid waiting in traffic jams. The aircraft takes off vertically and can land on any platform with a diameter of 25 meters or more. They will be able to deliver you even to places where there are no ground routes. Road accidents on the highway happen hundreds of times more often than in the air.

Lyon - helicopter tours and helitaxi booking

140 Helicopters Available for Booking

Reliable air taxi service in Lyon. Hire a helicopter with certified pilot and get a special offer for return flight.

Best Price in Lyon for Helicopter Ride

Book your heli-tour at a lowest price. Our online rates are always cheaper. Save up to 40% with early booking.

Executive transfer to/from Helipad

You can also book a private transfer on premium car or minivan to get to helipad, airport or hotel in Lyon.

Getting from helipad in Lyon to airport, ski resort or other destination on helicopter

Renting a helicopter will be advisable if you take children with you. For young passengers, such a flight over Lyon will be unforgettable. The old part of the city is its main attraction. The streets of the Middle Ages and two Roman amphitheaters have been preserved here (rock concerts are now held on their territory). The narrow passages between the buildings are called traboules, and one of them connects the Croix-Rousse area with Old Lyon. Such a short-range flight can decorate a romantic trip for lovers. We recommend going on helicopter tours in Lyon for educational and entertainment purposes. Waiting for the start will not last long - just a few minutes. The use of comfortable vehicles with a crew has never disappointed passengers. We add that the interior of the rotorcraft is well protected from noise. For tourist flights in the air, "green corridors" are open. We offer to conclude an agreement on the Internet in order to book a flight with us.