Heli-taxi in Kitzbühel at Best Price

  • Robinson R66, Eurocopter AS365
    • 5
    • 650 km
  • Airbus Helicopters H125-H130
    • 7
    • 630 km
  • Airbus Helicopters H155
    • 8
    • 780 km
  • Agusta AW189, Eurocopter AS332
    • 15
    • 907 km

Kitzbühel Helicopter Transfers and Private Panoramic Tours

For an active sports holiday, many skiing enthusiasts choose Kitzbühel. This Austrian resort is famous for its comfort, traditional Tyrolean architecture and beautiful mountain views. A helicopter flight allows you to admire them from an unusual angle. Helicopter taxi in Kitzbühel is the most convenient and fastest way to get to the resort. And, of course, the most picturesque, because on the way you can admire the picturesque slopes of the Alps and traditional small villages. An even more interesting option is a sightseeing route from a bird's eye view, when it is fashionable to admire the Hahnenkamm mountain, the magnificent Black Lake, and the brightness of the Tyrolean architecture. Photos and videos from such an unusual angle are simply incredible. Even after many years, they will evoke memories of the dizzying adventure that tourists allowed themselves to experience. Booking a helicopter from Kitzbühel is a great opportunity for those who are ready to enjoy every moment of their lives.

Kitzbühel - heli ski tranfsers and helicopter taxi booking

140 Helicopters Available for Booking

Reliable air taxi service in Kitzbühel. Hire a helicopter with certified pilot and get a special offer for return flight.

Best Price in Kitzbühel for Helicopter Ride

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Executive transfer to/from Helipad

You can also book a private transfer on premium car or minivan to get to helipad, airport or hotel in Kitzbühel.

Getting from helipad in Kitzbühel to airport, ski resort or other destination on helicopter

Tourists do not have to worry about safety, because only a first-class pilot with extensive experience, who knows all Austrian routes thoroughly, lifts into the sky a tourist helicopter. You should book a flight in advance, as this is a very popular service. Helicopter tour in the Austrian Alps is breathtaking and words-filling pleasure, so make sure you don't miss out on this incredible experience. You must arrive at the departure point in advance. since passengers are required to undergo a pre-flight briefing every time. In addition, the pilot must check that they are properly fastened. After that, you can safely admire the incomparable beauty of the Alps and take incredible pictures. Helicopter tours in Austria allow every tourist to enjoy the feeling of flying and see the mountains and valleys as they would never be imagined from a human height. The pleasure of such an unusual holiday is guaranteed.