Heli-taxi in Dolomite Alps at Best Price

  • Robinson R66, Eurocopter AS365
    • 5
    • 650 km
  • Airbus Helicopters H125-H130
    • 7
    • 630 km
  • Airbus Helicopters H155
    • 8
    • 780 km
  • Agusta AW189, Eurocopter AS332
    • 15
    • 907 km

Dolomite Alps Helicopter Transfers and Private Panoramic Tours

 Helicopter tours in the Dolomite Alps are a must. Only in this way you can fully see the beauty of these majestic mountains in Italy. Of course, such pleasure will not be cheap, but it is a memory for your whole life. Such an adventure is never forgotten. Many of the tourists who visit Italy mainly go for seaside vacations and excursions to historical places. But this is all, as they say, commonplace, and many of us want variety in travel. Therefore, it is worth visiting the Alps, as you will not see such beauty anywhere else. Helicopter landings are only possible at the heliport in a place called Pontives in Val Gardena, and you can also land on Passo Gardena, the easiest way to reach the Sella - Ronda ski route. You can be completely sure of the safety of such flights. Top level pilots and helicopters are all tested. How to say one hundred percent.

Dolomite Alps - helicopter tours and heli-taxi booking

140 Helicopters Available for Booking

Reliable air taxi service in Dolomite Alps. Hire a helicopter with certified pilot and get a special offer for return flight.

Best Price in Dolomite Alps for Helicopter Ride

Book your heli-tour at a lowest price. Our online rates are always cheaper. Save up to 40% with early booking.

Executive transfer to/from Helipad

You can also book a private transfer on premium car or minivan to get to helipad, airport or hotel in Dolomite Alps.

Getting from helipad in Dolomite Alps to airport, ski resort or other destination on helicopter

If you dream to see the Dolomites from a bird's eye view and enjoying such beauty. After all, these are mountains that are among the most beautiful in the world. Nowadays, such a pleasure is quite real, since you can use the Helicopter taxi service in the Dolomites. Now a helicopter company that specializes in such sightseeing flights can provide you with such an opportunity. Such an adventure you will remember for a lifetime, and it's worth it. Helicopter rental can be booked for a maximum of 6 people. To do this, you should contact the company that provides this service. You will be given detailed information about the cost of this excursion and the flight time for which you can rent a helicopter. If you have a desire to look at the beauty of Marmolada, then you will have to book a flight for 30 minutes. Also, if you have a desire to see Tofane, Cristallo and the most popular among many tourists "trident" Tre Cime, then you should count on a flight that will last about one hour.